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Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by Diane B, Jun 13, 2014.

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    I've used Office HD/Quick Edit for about 4 years and have really liked it but when presented with finding a 'free' office alternative for a PC for a friend besides Libre I discovered WPS Office (formerly Kingsoft Office) now has an IOS app. This will be perfect for her since she will be getting an Ipad this Fall and uses an Iphone. I downloaded it to my Ipad Air (have not installed on my PC yet) and found it to be very good, works with Cloud (Dropbox for me), quite easy to use/relatively intuitive if you've used Word before (admittedly haven't tried editing/creating Spreadsheets yet but it shows them with correct formatting). I checked the formatting in the MS Word for Ipad and formatting in Word was correct also. So far I can recommend this app and the fact that it "shares' with the PC WPS app plus Dropbox is a plus for many. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but thought I would add it as its a very good Office alternative (and did I say FREE) and I've tried about all the apps, though I have preferred Office HD/Quick Edit (changed its name the week MS Office for Ipad was announced) all these years since they pay attention to details, customers and upgrade consistently--and the "Office" experience is good.

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    Downloaded WPS Office app to my iPad Air today. Haven't used it much but have opened/edited/saved word and excel documents without a problem (don't use powerpoint). As far as I know the app preserves document format when importing and exporting.

    I would like the ability to open, compose or edit office documents occasionally on iPad Air but before finding this program I didn't have that opportunity, I just could view them with the Office app for iPad (in order to view them correctly). For my needs the purchase of an office 365 subscription is not merited since I already own Office.

    I deleted from iPad Air the Office app after installing this app.

    Love the ability to use all the major Cloud Drives and of course that it's free !!!
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  3. s2mikey

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    Oct 12, 2011
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    I've actually had a lot of luck just using the Apple version of the office apps. Pages, numbers, etc all seem to get the job done for me.

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