[FREE][MULTIPLAYER][PARTY GAME] HaluBuBum! A multiplayer, shared screen iPad game

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    HaluBuBum is an in person multiplayer iPad game of where players toss little messy monsters called BUs into their opponents courts while keeping their own area clean. Players face off in two or four player matches on a single iPad. Board game meets physical game meets touch screen.

    Take the communal environment of a board game and add real time physics and multi-touch. HaluBuBum is built around in person multiplayer play that takes advantage of the whole screen. Players interact with one another and speak to each other without the barrier of controllers and a TV screen between them.

    The base game, consisting of 3 game modes (4 player, 2 player horizontal, and 2 player vertical) is free for a limited time. We have a pack of more game variations that we will be releasing as an in-app purchase sometime later this year. We are also working on a configurable control panel to turn on and off features similar to the control panel of Super Smash Brothers so that players can set up various fun game types to face off with their friends.

    The game is on the app store: HaluBuBum! and is free for a limited time.
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