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    Check out our men's magazine iPad app called Kandy Magazine. The app is free and issue 5 is free to the first 100,000 downloads.

    The Kandy App features in-app social media integration, in-app media libraries, pinch-to-zoom, vertical scroll and easy navigation menus. Besides the standard magazine pageviewer, the Kandy app provides readers the menu option of viewing content by category as well as viewing content by media type. The media library viewer stores all the videos, audio files and photos that are in the magazine in a single location. In addition to their in-app page ads, advertisers receive additional exposure in the ads category, accessible with a single tap of the screen by the reader. Readers can share pages as favorites as well as add notes to the pages. With a single tap, readers can share the page with your facebook friends and twitter followers. It is a very dynamic app. So, please download and let us know what you think. Search "Kandy Magazine" in iTunes newsstand.

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