[FREE/iOS] New Fun and Challenging Game : Hungry Ray

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    Hi, our mobile gaming startup just launch our game, this is a fun game, enjoy more fun by challenge your friends to eat more Mangold


    Bored?! Let's follow cute little Hungry Ray on his joyful journey to satisfy his appetite for delicious and yummy MANGOLD! BE READY!! IT'S A SIMPLE & HARD GAME!!

    Guide Ray to avoid the group of bandits that act as an endless obstacles for Ray to eat!
    Enjoy awesome scenery exists only in Hungry Ray universe!
    Challenge your friends and beat them with your instinct and reflexes!

    Hungry Ray is fun, simple and addictive game! It's HARD!! Prove you can become The Top Eaters!!

    Features :
    - Simple, but HARD!!
    - Awesome Scenery!!
    - Easy control!!

    Prove you can eat more than your friends!

    Download HUNGRY RAY on the App Store


    Download HUNGRY RAY on the App Store

    We welcome your thoughts and feedback, feel free to send to XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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