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    App Store - Alone at War 2 Free

    Alone at War 2 is an amazing action game with Sticky man on the exercise book.

    New, even more ferocious enemies do away to a valiant warrior, who must prove that the one man can win a war! The hero has in his possession a bow with arrows, bombs, and the power of nature. The enemies attack from the land and air. Shoot an enemy in the head to cause him great harm. Hit the bird to get the additional magic spell.

    The earthquake, lightning, and Firedragon will help you overcome even the most powerful enemies.

    The game has a convenient and realistic management:
    • Slide your finger from the left side of the screen to the middle to awaken Firedragons
    • Slide your finger from the top to the bottom to launch the lightning
    • Shake your device to create earthquakes

    In the game you will need knowledge of mathematics and geometry to calculate the trajectory of the arrows and the bombs.

    Alone at War 2 free for a limited time on App Store!

    Available on iPhone, iPod and iPad

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