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    Hello all,
    I own a 16GB IPAD1.
    IOS 4.3.1
    I have 135 songs, no videos, 73 regular photos and total of 46apps.
    Despite the above, i have 1GB available on the disk.
    I tried to reset the device and erase all content and settings - an apple logo appears with a blank progress bar. i left it to work over night- nothing.
    I downloaded IOS 4.3.1, put the device into recovery mode, clicked shift+restore in Itunes, chose the IOS.
    It starts extracting the it says that it can't be restored and gives error 3194. i looked it up and did everything suggested- nothing!

    my questions:
    1. why can't i restore the device? (i don't want to upgrade the ios as i want it upgraded).
    2. is there any app that i can download which will enable me to search and remove the garbage hogging the disk space?
    3. Any other recommendations?
    Your kind help is very much appreciated.

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