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    Hi there,

    We have just released our app Cutetown San Franciso. it's a collaborative mapping service.

    Cutetown app is a 3D-editor for iPad that allows to create a beautiful map, the most beautiful and high-detailed map of San Francisco. This map is created by users themselves: everyone can enjoy Cutetown and collaborate with others on the same map.
    The app is casual and convenient. It doesn’t require any special knowledge in 3D modelling or architecture to create the high-detailed models of real San Fran buildings.

    [Moderator edit: removed link to developer web site. Please read our rules. Thanks]

    iTunes link: itunes.apple.com/app/cutetown/id581892481?mt=8

    We are just starting with this app, so, if you have any questions or ideas about Cutetown, please tell us. It's exactly what we need now.

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    Hello. Thanks for telling us about your new app.

    However, please read our forum rules in their entirety before your next post. The rules state that members may not promote their websites, domains, company, or services in any of the discussion forums. This includes posting a link to your app development web site.

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    The only links that are allowed in an app announcement are the direct link to the App Store and/or a YouTube video showing the game play.

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    Thank you.


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