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    [Free] Comics - Ipad App Review

    "Comics" is for me the best iPad app for comics out there right now, because it offers the most number of publishers compared to other iPad comic apps, so you see a lot more titles in one app.

    It also gives you the advantage having an individual account, thus backing up into the web all the titles you have bought, so if something happens to your iPad, you can still download them later if needed.

    Unlike with the magazine apps like Zinio, there is no ambivalence for me when it comes to the reading experience: It is simply way better than the hardcopy version. Its probably because of the terrific colors and images, and the "Guided View Technology", which sorts of skips you along frame by frame when reading.

    I tried reading comics from other apps that does not have Guided View, and it is not half as good. You end up doing a lot of panning around, which is a lot of work, and trying to fit the frames into the screen.

    There are lots of free comic titles to try out, so you can literally go out and download dozens of titles without purchasing one. However, it will likely leave you as sort of hanging, as the free titles are usually teasers/previews, or first issues.

    Prices are also very, very good. New titles are about USD 2 each, while Trade Paper Backs (TPBs) are typically only about USD 10. Typical file sizes are 10MB for colored single issues; 30MB for black and white TPBs; And 60MB for colored TPBs.

    On the downside, there aren't enough Trade Paper Back versions of the comic titles or series, so you end up with too many issues if you start buying the single issues. Some of the TPB titles I found are "Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction Vol. 1", the "Walking Dead" series, "Helm" and "American Terror".

    Also, while there is already a comprehensive library of titles available, its still not fully there yet, as some titles, or series that I want are not available. Maybe in time they will be available, but that is still a couple of months, if not years in the future.

    I'd like to see more TPB titles on Comics. When that happens, I probably will never get to buy a comicbook in hardcopy again. LOL

    Here's the Youtube review:
    - [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh7ZveXyoXk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh7ZveXyoXk[/ame]

    Here's the app at the iTunes store:
    - Comics for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store



    By comixology


    The only iPhone/iPad comic platform that has Marvel, DC and The Walking Dead. Purchases made can be read on the web, too, at comics.comixology.com! ACCEPT NO IMITATION!

    The largest comic library and store with Guided View™ Technology, which Wired.com says "solves the problem of reading comics on the small screen." With over 4,000 comics! Featured on Jimmy Kimmel, CNN, and more!

    More than 300 free comics in app.

    You haven't experienced comics like this before – with genres from superhero to "slice of life" to horror, everyone can find a comic they'll enjoy.

    An iPhone comic store and reader in your hand!

    The comic book reader with comiXology's patent pending Guided View, where the entire comic page is left intact, and you are guided through a dynamically masked, iPhone-friendly view of the panels.

    Publishers include:
    - Marvel Comics
    - DC Comics
    - Image Comic
    - Dynamite Entertainment
    - Red 5
    - Zenescope


    - A Wave Blue World
    - AdHouse Books
    - Arcana Comics
    - Asylum Press
    - Bluewater Comics
    - BOOM! Studios
    - Com.X
    - Creative Impulse
    - Digital Webbing
    - eigoMANGA
    - Evil Twin Comics
    - First Salvo
    - AAM/Markosia
    - Moonstone
    - Radical Publishing
    - Slave Labor Graphics (SLG)
    - Top Cow
    - Th3rd World Studios

    As well as many creator-owned titles!

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