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    Baby City is a great app designed by parents for other parents to help their toddlers understand the world around them.

    Even 10-month babies will have great fun looking at beautiful graphics and matching them with relevant sounds. Let your baby tap on the elements on the screen that make sounds. After a few rounds they will perfectly understand what the sound of a car, a train, a bicycle or a police car is. Teach your baby the sounds of the surrounding world and you will be astonished how quickly they will try to imitate them. Great fun for them and it will make you proud as well.

    What’s more, the app helps children become tech-savvy - your baby will quickly learn how to use the touch screen and gain ability to precisely point to what they want.

    It’s top-notch, simple-to-use and perfectly safe. No menu, no swipe, no Facebook or Twitter integration. It's FREE

    Just try it and you will have a great time with your baby!


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