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    If you're looking for a really nice clock app, then the extremely popular Night Stand HD is one of the best, and now you can get it for free for just today only, courtesy of You can either go and check it out at the freeappaday website, or download it directly from the App Store. I just got the app myself today, and not only is it gorgeous to look at (I know, how can clocks be gorgeous, right? But they are!), it's also practical and functional. There are seven normal clocks to choose from (Binary, Analog, Classic LCD, Flip, LCD, Milk, Nixie) plus a Stopwatch and a World Clock. The World Clock view has six smaller analog clocks that can all be set to show a different city's time, simply by tapping on the name label. Then just watch as the clock hands whizz round as it resets itself to the time of the city you've entered. The Stop Watch looks like a giant version of the sort of thing a sports coach might use, yet is very easy to use, with a big Stop/Start button on the right side of the watch, plus a lap counter. There are also, alarm, sleep music and weather modes too, and unlike some clock apps, you don't have to have the app running for the alarm to work. A really polished clock app that certainly lives up to its already stellar reputation. Don't miss the opportunity to get it for free today!

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