Foursquare App Gets New Useful Features Thanks to iOS 8’s Interactive Notifications

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    With the iOS 8 release, Apple is bringing a bunch of new features to users, and one of them is the new Interactive Notifications option. And more and more app developers have started making use of it. One of the latest such apps to make good use of it is Foursquare, the popular local search and discovery service.

    The latest version of Foursquare for iOS devices brings two new big features. Here they are:
    • Notification actions - now you can quickly do things like ‘save,’ ‘like,’ and ‘follow’ from the notifications you get from Foursquare.
    • 1Password support - when you’re logging in or signing up, we now support 1Password integration.
    • Small improvements and bug fixe
    With the new 1Password integrationn, fans of the popular password-management app can use their saved credentials when logging in to Foursquare, without having to paste the password manually.

    Also, the new Foursquare has been optimized for your new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. What's not so great for iPad users is that they're still lacking a standalone app, but maybe a future update will bring a special version of the app for iPad owners, as well.

    Foursquare is available for free in the App Store as 19.6-megabyte app, so go ahead and follow the link from below to download it.

    Source: iTunes

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