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    Welcome to the Forum Favorites forum! This sub-forum was created to allow members of iPad to showcase the apps they like or use the most. These reviews aren't about (or don’t have to be about) the most popular apps in the news or the ones at the top of the AppStore lists (though they can be); it’s for those apps that our members have discovered help them “get stuff done†with the iPad - and they want to tell others about their finds.

    We have lots of threads that provide tips and tricks members use to get the most out of the basic iPad. We also have many helpful members that assist others with questions about the iPad or how to fix it when something goes wrong. This forum is a wonderful resource for others to learn how to use the iPad (and we hope it continues to be so).

    However, now that the iPad has been in existence for over three years, we think it’s time for members to show HOW they use the iPad or showcase an app that has become indispensable to them. For the most part, we have moved past most of the "how do I use this thing" stage of questions (though we still can - and do! - help with those). But now, we think it’s time to look at "how do I use this thing in my day-to-day activities" and "let me tell you about this app that helps me do______."

    There are a few rules for this new forum:

    Only forum staff can CREATE a new thread in this forum. However, members are able to (and encouraged!) to (1) add their own comments to the review, and (2) submit a review of one of their favorite apps.

    Therefore, if you wish to write a review of a favorite app, please contact a member of the staff and we will be glad to help get it “published†(giving credit to you, of course). We also will provide editing and guidelines, should you wish...

    Do note that this is not a forum for paid reviews or for developers to showcase their apps (that’s what the iPad Apps Announcements forum is for). So, please be aware we will not accept reviews from members associated with the app in any way other than a consumer/buyer from the AppStore.

    So - do you have a wonderful app you've wanted to tell everyone how awesome it is? Now’s your chance to tell us what you’ve got. Or, just have a read through the submitted reviews and see if anything may help you with your activities. Happy reading!

    The Staff
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