Former Genius Bar Employee Shares Useful Tips to Prevent iOS Battery Drain

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    We expect our smartphones and tablets to have impressive battery lifespan, but we neglect the fact that we’re doing all sorts of things which drain its power quite quickly. After all, these are small devices, and a magic battery solution commercially available hasn’t yet been invented. That’s why we need to follow a certain behavior if we want to ensure that our iPhones and iPads manage to deliver a satisfying battery life. And probably the best advices you can hear is from someone who worked on the Genius Bar and had to deal with short battery life. So, here are some of his most precious tips:

    Disable Location and Background App Refresh for Facebook

    Disable Background App Refresh for Apps You Don’t Care About

    Stop Quitting Your Apps in Multitasking

    Disable Push Email Temporarily

    Disable Push Notifications for Apps That Annoy You

    Turn Off Battery Percentage

    Go to an Apple Retail Store

    Enable Airplane Mode in Areas of Poor Cellular Service

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