Former Apple Employee: ‘The iWatch Is Coming, Will be Transformativeâ€

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    Bruce Tognazzini is a former Apple employee who designed Apple’s first human interface and holds fifty-seven patents in the “areas of human-computer interaction, aviation, radar, eye-tracking, flat panel display information presentation, GPS, portable calendaring, and photography.†Recently, he has spoken with the CNBC and said the following with regards to the iWatch:

    Tognazzini is well acquainted with Apple’s ability to innovate and the products that the company releases. He seems to be very confident that Apple will launch the iWatch and that this will change the market of wearable devices pretty much in the same way as the iPhone did for smartphones. He also talked about Samsung and the Galaxy Gear products, saying the following:

    We reported just yesterday that Tim Cook himself confirmed that the sapphire facility from Arizona was for a “secret projectâ€, which might as well be the iWatch. Apple has been hiring a lot of reputed experts from various fields, ranging from fitness pundits to sleep researchers. If the iWatch gets released indeed, they just want to make sure that no compromises have been made in its production.

    Source: iWatchMag
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    Let's hope!

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