Former Apple CEO Doesn't Think the Company Takes Enough Risks, Says Apple Watch Will Flop

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    John Sculley is an American businessman, entrepreneur and investor in high-tech startups. He also served as the CEO of Apple from April 8, 1983 until leaving in 1993. In a recent interview with Forbes, Sculley lauded Tim Cook's success as CEO, but said he doesn't think Apple takes enough risks. The former CEO also shared his take on the Apple Watch and Apple Pay.

    "If you say who in Silicon Valley is willing to go out and take the big risks, change the game, you see people like Amazon and Google, Facebook, are willing to take big risks to go into entirely new industries than they were in before."

    The former CEO said Apple will continue reaping insane profits even if they don't innovate new products:

    "The question is: is there anything on the horizon. I'm not convinced yet that the Apple Watch is one of those items. Maybe I'll be wrong. But it isn't clear to me that it's as big a deal as an iPhone, or an iPad, or an iPod."

    While Sculley doesn't think the Apple Watch will succeed, he has a totally different opinion about Apple Pay:

    "I think Apple Pay can be a fundamental creative leap. Look what AliPay is doing. So I'm very optimistic about Apple Pay. But realistically, even if you're an optimist, it's going to take several years to deploy that around the world. And no retailer wants to bet 100% of their future just on Apple."

    What do you think about his views? Do you share them, as well, or you think Apple Watch will be a big hit?

    Source: Forbes
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    "Maybe I'll be wrong...", "..... It isn't clear to me...."
    Join the club mate, nobody really knows the future. But there are many people (millions?) out there who would like a Dick Tracey watch on their wrist where you can talk to it and get it to do more than just tell the time.
    Sure, the early Androids have come up with some stuff, but there are millions of Apple fans out there waiting for a well-researched quality watch that they can relate to. I think that translates to "sales".

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    The only thing I will say is that Apple is taking their time on developing this watch while the competitors are moving forward. It reminds me of everyone for years wanting Microsoft office on their iPad when it wasn't available. People moved on and found replacement Apps to help them. When Microsoft office finally did come out with personally didn't sway/excite me one bit.

    So sorry that I equate this to Microsoft office...but the announcement and the release just seems so long in between.
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    Aple may not take any big risks but they really don't have to. It's not their business model. They are conservative in most ways and it's working out for them. As for the iWatch.... Not my thing.

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