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    CrystalWorks is an app designed for creating documents and fillable forms of any type and complexity. Big variety of objects and tools you can use for building a form make it possible to create any document, or recreate any printed form or document. We are not using PDF, we created our own format - and it is a lot more powerful and functional than PDF.

    There are two version of the app on the App-Store: full version and free version with some features available through in-App purchase.

    This app is our passion, and we want to share it with the world.
    I'd like to hear any feedback too!

    View on the App-Store: full version , and free version.

    Our website: [Edited]

    Thank you for your interest!

    [Moderator edit: Removed link to developer web site. Please read our rules. Thanks.]
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    Hello. Thanks for telling us about your new app.

    However, please read our forum rules in their entirety before your next post. The rules state that members may not promote their websites, domains, company, or services in any of the discussion forums. This includes posting a link to your app development web site.

    In addition, this forum prohibits links to social sites and networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We also don't allow personal information such as phone numbers and e-mail/mailing addresses.

    The only links that are allowed in an app announcement are the direct link to the App Store and/or a YouTube video showing the game play.

    For your convenience, the rules are here: Forum Rules - Apple iPad Forum

    Thank you.


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