For those who follow: Strotter now has Platforma bag for iPad Air in stock!

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    Meaning we finally received a small number of snap-on magnetic interface shells for the iPad Air.

    The price for the bag is the same as before: $175, including the snap on cover. You can get 5% by following us on FB.

    Re-posting our old post for those who don't know about us:

    Disclaimer: we at Strotter design and make these bags. That said, our cool messengers were voted by our customers as "best bags ever". We humbly agree. We have practically zero returns, which tells a lot.

    My name is Serge, I am the founder of the company.

    Folks, I doubt you ever saw this before:

    Check out iPad messenger bag Platforma. This is, however, more than just a bag. It converts in 2 secs into a backpack, and into a mobile desk - hands-free style, meaning you can use the iPad while standing up with both hands free to type. It is not cheap, starting at $140 and going all the way up to $200, but you certainly get what you pay for: full grain leather, hand polished hardware, sliding step-less buckle, etc. This is not your Walmart variety (not that there is anything wrong with those). We are working on a "Junior" line, too

    The bag is compact, but fits tons of stuff. Read the FAQ section on the site, and the reviews. Make sure you watch the videos, you will be surprised, promise.

    Some pics:
    Close up with details:

    In Action:

    We also make a slim iPad case Across. ($55 - $99)

    From the MacWorld Expo, the blond is wearing the Platforma bag in "hands-free work mode", the brunette shows off the Across case.

    Watch the demo videos on the site to see how our bags and cases work. Feel free to ask questions here, or contact me at serge at strotter dot com.

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