Flight Doodle’s Release Draws Near

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    Doodle games are still extremely popular at the moment, so time to welcome another one onto the iPad in the shape of Flight Doodle HD from Eyedip (Pocket Devil). The game features uniquely customizable aircrafts, colorful settings, and a bright and breezy graphical style. In grand Doodle game tradition, players can design their own hot-air balloons using the in-game drawing program, and then watch as their precious creations take to the skies, collecting power-ups and avoiding falling debris and enemies on the attack.

    Players have the option to collect a variety of tools that help them deal with everything from changing weather patterns to falling pushpins. With just the tap of a finger, you can shrink the balloon, put a protective shield round it, or arm it with explosive shells that blast obstacles. It sounds simple but looks fun and challenging, and Eyedip says that they will be releasing new mini-games and modes for both the iPad and iPhone versions of the game in the first month.

    Flight Doodle will be available in the iTunes App Store within the next week. Pricing details are yet to be confirmed.

    Source: Eyedip

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