Five Reasons Why the iPad Will Squash the Netbook Market

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jul 14, 2010.

By Maura on Jul 14, 2010 at 7:33 PM
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    With Apple suffering a stock dip following all the antenna malarkey, its probably about ready for some good news, so here comes the iPad to the rescue, with The Financial Times reporting on a new Goldman Sachs analyst report that waxes extremely lyrical about the iPad, basically saying that it’s about to stomp all over the netbook market. Goldman has based that encouraging (for Apple, at least!) scenario on the following five “Cs†of user experience:

    1. Consumption - The iPad focuses on information consumption as opposed to information production. It is not so much for inputting lots of information, but for basic editing on the on-screen keyboard.
    2. Content - The iPad has “tight integration†with content sources, via its direct link to custom content on iTunes and the App Store.
    3. Connected - The iPad can be easily and continuously connected to the internet via both Wi-Fi and/or 3G. This is in contrast to the PC, where it is much more complex to set up Wi-Fi and to access it in different locations.
    4. Constant Operation - The iPad is an “instant on†device with a battery that lasts all day, which is a considerable advantage over the notebook or desktop PC. The fact that you can turn your iPad on and be working on it within seconds as opposed to the relatively lengthy time it takes a PC or laptop to switch on or to return from sleep is a massive advantage over the netbook.
    5. Commerce - Apple’s integrated system ensure that the user is always “ready to buy†and therefore much more likely to make an impulse purchase.

    Source: Financial Times


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jul 14, 2010.

    1. iVan
      Well... Apple missed on point #3...:p

      I'm still having breaks in wifi and am impatiently waiting for promised software fix...
    2. MrYummy
      I'm not so sure about #3. Wifi wasn't any easier, or harder, to set up on my iPad than on my netbook.

      The netbook market is sort of disappearing all on its own. As the current generation of netbooks become more powerful, and laptop prices drop, the line between the two is bluring.
    3. col.bris
      Upgrade to new os fixed wifi it works
    4. pallentx
      Yeah, #3 is nonsense. Connecting to wifi is pretty much identical on a netbook as the iPad. Connecting to wireless broadband with built-in modems is a breeze too. Even our sales people and executives at work can do it.

      I would say that #1 demonstrates why Netbooks wont be going away anytime soon. They will each have their niche. For people that are almost exclusively consumers of information and media, the iPad is perfect. For producers who want portability, the Netbook works better. (at least right now it does).

      The instant-on is becoming less of an issue with windows 7 and solid state disks. Laptops still wont be instant, but they are easily under a minute, and that is worth the wait for people who need the extended functionality.

      The iPad will take some from the netbook market, but I dont see it "crushing" it. The iPad is more creating a new market that wasn't there. Every ipad purchase isnt taking away from something else, its adding to what is already out there.
    5. DavidNM
      How about:

      1. Flash Memory - instant on / instant off -- no spinning hard drive to heat up the device and suck battery life
      2. Superior screen size and quality including instant rotation
      3. No Windows (whatever version)
      4. Form factor - with finger swiping it's almost like conducting an orchestra
      5. A million applications - tons free and the rest priced lower than 99% of the PC apps available. Almost instant order fulfillment and the ability to manage applications on your desktop with the click of a mouse.
    6. pallentx
      1. Solid state drives easily replace spinning drives in a netbook or laptop. We are doing this at work - swapping hard drives with SSDs and people are loving it. You still dont get instant on, but boot times are very reasonable now.
      2. The iPad is 1024x768 resolution. A lot of netbooks run that resolution and there are a variety of screen sizes.
      3. ? Having windows is a huge plus for many buyers.
      4. Touch is fun, no doubt.The iPad is a pleasure to use. But, the keyboard and touchpad are proven workhorses that also get things done. Its just not sexy though.
      5. For PC users, software is what drives many decisions to go to netbooks. There is a tremendous wealth of software available for the iPad, but its not the same stuff applications people are using on a laptop. A real MS Office suite, internal custom business apps and such cannot be replaced from the app store.

      None of this is to say that a netbook is "better" than an iPad. I think you will just have different people choosing different devices to fill different needs.
    7. gentlefury

      ^^#2 While the resolution is nothing new, the panel used is the same as the panel used in HP's $3000 Dream Color displays....which is nothing short of amazing. We use the Dream Colors for feature film production and the image on that screen is identical to what is projected at screenings. When I open a project file on any other type of display it looks aweful! The Dream Color is insanely crisp and the color reproduction is so incredible.

      I have vnc'd into a system with a shot open on a dream color and believe it or not the iPad actually looked better! The glossy coating gave it one more degree of pop that the mylar doesn't have.
    8. Azieser
      From a non business standpoint I will agree, but there are a lot of small businesses using net books for there office personnel. I think that there is a lot of room left in the market for both types of machines. Personally I find net books to be invaluable for programming and many office tasks. Plus they are about half price of the iPad, and are considered to be disposable by corporate America.
    9. Hasty
      It won't replace laptop yet but I'm sure I will chew a great chunk out of netbooks as they fill the same eco-niche.

      That said this is just the start of the revolution.....

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