First person in UK to purchase the New iPad happens to be a budding Entrepreneur

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    Chris Leydon on the left and Brandon Schlenker on the right.​

    Steve Jobs would be proud of the first person to purchase the New iPad in the UK. According to a report on TechCrunch, a young man named Chris Leydon, who happens to be a young Entrepreneur was the first one in line in the UK to purchase a New iPad. In fact, he bought two of them! His startup company is a realtime web site analytics firm called GoSquared. Mr. Leydon was even savvy enough to do some digging and figure out that a PC World store would be open and selling the New iPad at Midnight. This was a full 8 hours ahead of the 8am launch of the New iPad at the official Apple flagship UK store which was a mere 5 minute walk from the PC World store. He said, “I saw a rumour going around on Twitter that the PC World nearby would be opening at midnight, eight hours ahead of the Apple store. I phoned the PC World Press Office and the store itself and they confirmed.â€

    He showed up to the store at 6pm the previous day and was the first person to start a line, and "pwnly" had to endure a 6 hour wait, in the evening, instead of an 8 hour wait in the middle of the night. Furthermore, he didn't have to endure it alone as his fellow GoSquared partner, Brandon Schlenker, waited in line with him. Not only did he snag a couple of the sweet devices ahead of others, he even took the time to do a quick unboxing video and posted it on the web, which you can see below.

    Hmmm... if he runs his business as smart as he handled this situation, he will go far indeed.

    Source: TechCrunch
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