First Full-Featured Tumblr iPad App Launched

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    [ame=]YouTube - Tumbleroo Demo: Tumblr for the iPad[/ame]​

    With over 6 million people choosing to do their blogging on Tumblr these days, an iPad Tumblr app is long overdue, so step forward Tumbleroo!

    The app features a full dashboard, complete with text, link, chat, question, photo, audio and video post support, and a built-in browser. The post creation system is very easy to use, as you can see from the demonstration video above. Users can “like†or “re-blog†a post that catches their eye directly from their dashboard with just one tap, and can also re-blog posts and add a comment while keeping full attribution to the original post.

    More advanced features include the ability to choose which blog you want to post to, and at what time you want to post to it, which is useful for those people with multiple Tumblr blogs. Other features include the ability to create private posts, and to choose to send a post to Twitter.

    Tumbleroo is available now from the iPad App Store for £2.99/$4.99

    Source: Tumbleroo

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