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Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by NorPlan, Nov 19, 2015.

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    Jan 9, 2014
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    ;) Prior to Owning an iPad and being totally depended on Such Now as my Laptop decided to Pooch back then.. I was using the Mozella Firefox Browser exclusively... Had just read the Firefox iOS Browser has just been made available in Canada..

    My Query if I'm reading this Right that Apple & Mozella had come to some kind of agreement to allow Firefox iOS to become available on an iPad ??? Yet I'm also reading that , It's More Work than It's Worth using the Firefox Browser as a Companion Browser.. I take it , Apple / Safari is still putting up a Host of Firewalls / Roadblocks if I can call it that ??? Thoughts & Opinions Appreciated .. Cheers Thanks. :cool:
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    Oct 22, 2014
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    Give it a try, as it is free.

    I think that it is too early to make a judgement, as I have only been trying it for a few days. It seems fairly fast, although I have not loaded in my bookmarks, so just trying it on a few links.

    Think how firefox has has expanded and matured over the years. My thoughts are to keep an eye on it (i.e. keep it installed and observe updates) and give it time to grow. At least it has now made it to iOS.
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    Jan 8, 2011
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    There was no agreement. The iOS Firefox browser does not use Mozilla. It is a webkit browser just like every other third party iOS browser out there. The only real advantage of using Firefox on iOS would be if you are still using it on a PC. In that case some of your stuff (history, bookmarks,etc) will sync between the two platforms.

    Though, if I read the review right the bookmarks are a one time import, rather than a true sync. At least for now.

    It's possible they will add more features later. Actually, it is very likely. And some people might find the UI more to their liking, though (again from the reviews) it doesn't sound like it's much like the desktop UI.

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