Firefighters take vows on Bible iPad app

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    Even traditions have to be upgraded to fit the 21st century. Last week, a group of Atlantic City firefighters did just that. Customary, they are required to sworn by reciting the oath with their hands placed on the bible. However, the newest recruits to the Fire Captains and Battalion Chiefs took their vows utilizing an iPad. Of course, a Bible app was downloaded on the tablet beforehand as to make everything more veridical.

    The ceremony was filmed by NBC and in it one can clearly see the eight officers placing their hands on the virtual bible. Friends and family members of the officers joined the ceremony at the City Council chambers. At the moment when the officers presented to take their oath, a physical copy of the Bible was not readily available.

    As ebooks become more and more common in our society, they might end up being replacements for physical books in courts of laws as well. However, it should be noted that the Bible swearing moment does not hold any legal attributes, but is a traditional aspect of certain ceremonies.

    As technology engulfs most of people on the planet today, even preachers and ministers have taken up tech means to conduct the sermons or to attract the interest of believers. We certainly do expect that most modern readers will turn to electronic copies of the bible instead of borrowing an old dusty version from their grandmothers.

    Source: AppleInsider


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