Find My iPad Helps Recover Christmas Presents

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    Ah, TUAW has a really heartwarming story about how Find My iPad helped a family in California recover their stolen Christmas presents. According to the story, which was originally posted on Sign On San Diego, the drama started on Christmas morning in the Los Angeles suburb of Westlake Village, when a 49-year-old man called the Sheriff’s Department and told them that his home had been burglarized and some gifts had been stolen, including an iPad. He then called back later on to let the sheriffs know that his iPad was sending out a signal giving away its location in a house close by. When the police went to the home to investigate, they found the iPad and promptly arrested the 20-year old man, Patrick Krewson, and charged him with burglary. Also in the man’s apartment they found two flat-screen televisions, a laptop, and more than 40 Christmas presents for children. “Deputy Brower, you saved Christmas!†said the woman from whom the Christmas presents had been stolen, according to the press release from the Sheriff’s Department.
    All's well that ends well, then!

    Source: Find my iPad saves Christmas | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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