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    I've been surfing around looking for some Financial Software to suit my needs. Most applications I find seem to work on the theory that the monthly income is always the same, as it would be if you had a job for someone. But as I work for myself, the cheque and direct deposits come as I invoice them. Sometimes I'm booked up for months, other times only for weeks and as there are so many variables, it's impossible to know in advance what and when amounts are going to come in. So the income is inconsistent making it impossible to complete any sort of budget. For years I've always worked this stuff out in my head and on paper but I would love an Ipad app (or IMac Software) that would somehow suit my needs. Any ideas anyone? Also tried a free version of 'Money for Ipad' but found the ads on the bottom annoying and in the way. Does a paid version of this app eliminate the ads?

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