Final Fantasy V is coming to the iPad

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    The latest episode of one of the world’s most famous fantasy game is coming to the iOS. Final Fantasy V will land in the App Store, courtesy of Square Enix. The company has unleashed the trailer for Final Fantasy IV last year and hinted that it was ready to jump on the iOS and Android bandwagon. But before you get all excited, you should know that the V chapter will so far be available only to Japanese users, as early as this month.

    The version users from Japan will play on their mobile devices is going to be based on a version created by GameBoy and not the original 1992 Final Fantasy V game. Of course, like the previous episode that reached the mobile world, it will come packed with updated graphics and an improved gaming experience.

    So far, there’s no news about a release date in North America or the Western world, but judging by the previous Final Fantasy worldwide​​ release, we’re hoping to see Square Enix stick to this trend.

    When it was first released, Final Fantasy V became a huge success, first in Japan with over two million copies sold and then all over the world. The game was taken up by Sony PlayStation in 1998 and released with makeovers by Game Boy in 2006. Graphics have been improved over the years and new roles have appeared also, like Gladiator, Cannoneer, Necromancer and Oracle. We sincerely can’t wait to play!

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