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    I was born and bred a PCer so the first thing I did with my iPad was try to make it behave like a PC.
    Not aware or trusting in Jailbreak solutions I sought solace in the Apps Store. Here are three solutions that I found acceptable.

    Splash top
    Allows control of my PC from iPad. Works well if PC is on same wifi network. I was less successful in getting it to work through a remote network. Linking is dependable. Speed is satisfactory. I can watch VLC playing .avi movies from iPad.

    WiFi Files
    I use this app to transfer epubs and PDFs to IPad for offline reading. Linking to PC is sometimes hit and miss which can be annoying. Manual ip addressing of PC helped. It will also save and play mp4s offline.

    Captures mp4 files from a variety of naughty sites. Fast and dependable.

    I found no App that transfers all types of files so I needed multiple Apps.

    For music files I have not been able to avoid iTunes.

    Comments and suggestions appreciated.

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