Fieldrunners 2 Coming to iPhone and iPad (Eventually!)

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    Subatomic Studio’s tower defence game Fieldrunners was one of the first big iOS smash hits, so it really is about time for today’s announcement of a sequel for the game. Fieldrunners 2 will be coming to the iPhone at the end of June, with the iPad version being released just after. Subatomic says that the sequel will have more than 20 hand-painted levels across four distinct zones, from grassy fields to big cities, not to mention the secret volcano base. I said don’t mention the secret volcano base! Players will be armed with more than 20 upgradeable towers and customizable loadouts as they try to find new strategies to defend each unique map. Among the towers that fans can look forward to playing with are the limbo-of-death Link tower, the sniper-style Railgun tower, and the self-explanatory Nuke tower. As well as basic survival and newly revamped time trial maps, new map types have been added, including puzzle maps and sudden death maps. Also thrown in for good measure are air strikes and precision-based power up attacks.

    And as you might expect with all this new hardware, there are more enemies than ever before too, with over 30 different types, all of them out to conquer your bases at any cost, and more relentless than ever as well!

    Feast your eyes on the first screenshot - looking good!

    Subatomic Studios

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