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Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by Plophy, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Apr 16, 2012
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    I recently acquired an iPad and basically I'm pretty happy. But for now I can't figure out how to get everything work as I wish.
    Maybe you will be able to help a bit on these few questions:

    • How to get Safari remember an http login/password (not html form one) ?
    • How to get Safari or any other browser launch a Web application, like the "Home Screen link" on Safari, but as a unique fullscreen app ?
    • Do you know any nice app to listen to music which is on a NAS server (Samba) ? I just found a very nice one for videos: Buzz Player, but still nothing for music.
    • Another annoying thing is that I don't understand how works the file system on iPad: is there only this folder called "My files" where I can put my stuff ?
      Why even in this folder I can't create any subfolder (I tried with FileBrowser, another great app).
    • As I don't use iTunes and don't want to synchronize everything, is there a solution to send easily pictures from computer to the Photo app on iPad ? Or maybe is there any other nice application to open pictures?
    • Is there any way to get bookmarks synchronized between iPad and Firefox ?
    • And finally, even if I doubt it, is there any solution to get accounts on iPad like on any computer. It would be intersting in order to use Mail app for instance (about this: it is surprising that restrictions in iOs options do not apply to Mail app).
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    There is not hiearchy style file system like you have on a computer. You can keep some files in applications, for example QuickOffice, but there is not a way to layer it with file folders. You just group your apps according to function. Most of what you want can be done to some extent, you just need to practice and check out things on the app store for the fuctions you need.

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