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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 18, 2011.

By Maura on Mar 18, 2011 at 5:15 PM
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    A thread has been running in for a couple of days, which is actually a continuation of a thread from last year regarding the original iPad, but it seems that a couple of forum members have again been having problems with their iPad 2s being held up in transit, at Lantau Island, Hong Kong, a local FedEx facility. When the problem occurred last June, a FedEx employee (FedexLaShelia on the forum) was kind enough to respond and help out. Now that the issue has arisen again, with some forum members finding that their iPad 2s are having an inordinately long holiday on Lantau Island (and who can blame the iPad 2s, it looks nice there, see picture above!), FedexLaShelia has once again been kind enough to respond and offer her help for anyone who wants it, with the following message:

    So basically, if you’re worried about your iPad 2 being stuck anywhere, just get in touch with LaShelia and she should help you out! It should also noted that other members in the thread are very happy with their service from FedEx so far.



Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 18, 2011.

    1. kschles
      I ordered three items on-line early on March 11th. I have received two of them so far, and hopefully will receive my Ipad on March 22nd. Each of the previous items did have a relatively long stay in Hong Kong, but I received them on the estimated delivery date first posted by Fedex. I know it's a pain to wait, but the Fedex delivery seems to be going rather smoothly.
    2. Good karma
      Good karma
      fedexlasheila is a great help, wish i knew someone at dhl who could help me out when i had problem with the company last week with my net gear router :(
    3. MJM2011
      No news is good news....Finally out of Hong Kong

      After several days of seeing no updates out of Hong Kong, within the last hour mine has been updated to Anchorage, Alaska. That still puts it on schedule for a Tuesday delivery. Don't give up hope if you haven't seen an update out of Hong Kong in awhile.:)
    4. MJM2011
      Slow on updating, but it isn't lost

      I haven't had an update since Tuesday until just about an hour ago. Mine went from Hong Kong to Anchorage, Alaska. That should keep it on time for a Tuesday delivery. Can't wait!:)
    5. BanjoBiker
      Our white 64G WiFi iPad 2 has been sitting on Lantau Island for the past three days now. I contacted Fedex at the email posted on this thread and got a reply within a few hours assuring me the iPad was still on schedule for delivery next Tuesday. Shortly thereafter, the Fedex tracking information was updated to reflect the iPad's travels into and out of Anchorage.

      This is the second of two iPads we ordered at the same time on March 11 at 1:01 AM PST. The first one, a black 64G WiFi unit actually arrived one day ahead of schedule on March 16. I am typing this message on it! What I noticed on the first shipment was once the unit left Alaska, it made it through the rest of the journey at lightning speed. Hope that holds true for our white one.
    6. BanjoBiker
      Update, our second iPad is being delivered a day ahead of schedule, too! After the long wait on Lantau Island, it breezed through Anchorage, Memphis and Austin. FedEx reports it to be out for delivery this morning - a day earlier than expected!

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