Farm it! Seasons HD. Funny adventures on the farm.

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    At the end of June the online store App Store pleased its visitors with release of 2 new gaming apps on such a popular currently “farm†topic. Fascinating and colorful arcade game called Farm it! Seasons and Farm it! Seasons HD.

    Both versions have at once hit the new and newsworthy category in the App Store.

    The idea of the game dramatically differs from traditional farm versions. The main character won’t have to grow potatoes and cabbage, there is the solution of more global stock-raising problem among his tasks.

    Imagine that all chicks on the Earth disappeared in some inexplicable fashion, and you – the young, cute, and passionate Rooster – are entrusted with the most responsible mission: to regenerate the vanishing chicken genus. In order to do this you need to find and make happy the great many of charming laying hens and, correspondingly, become a careful father of many children: this is one of the conditions for moving to the next level.

    Performing the task is not as easy as it may appear at the first sight, since the main hero on his way toward the glory will have to face the stern ordeals, meetings with more experienced rival – The Old Rooster and ill-disposed unbidden guests (the angry Dog, the mean Polecat, the malicious Skunk, or the sly Fox), and also various traps and puzzles.

    You’ll be able to try your hand at four different locations. The developers represented them as four countries – USA, China, Russia, and Germany, that is easily discerned by the showy animations.

    The adventure and romantic Farm it! Seasons will gladden the players with its original charismatic characters, funny ambient sound, as well as with abundance of levels and bonuses. With Farm it! Seasons, designed with the uncomplicated graphics, you can have a great time – just as home so during the launch in the office – the app is available both in a broadsheet and in a separate window.

    The game is performed in English variant only, however, its user-friendly interface and illustrative pictures for each character will help even the child to figure out all the refinements of the gameplay without any assistance.


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    Watch the video of gameplay here:

    1. [ame=""]YouTube - Farm it! Mac / iPhone / iPad game. [/ame]
    2. [ame=""]YouTube - Farm it! Mac / iPhone / iPad game.[/ame]


    Farm it! Seasons: App Store link

    Farm it! Seasons HD: App Store Link


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