Fantastical is a Great New Calendar App for Apple Watch

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    Fantastical has just released its popular iPhone and iPad calendar app for the Apple Watch. The Verge writes that Todoist’s app looks to be better suited to the Apple Watch than Apple’s own built-in calendar app.

    For example, Fantastical displays twice as many days of events as the Apple calendar’s maximum of seven days. Fantastical also comes with both an app and a Glance that is very simple to use, displaying either the next event on your calendar or the next item on your to-do list, depending on which is due sooner.

    Also, just as with the iPhone and iPad Fantastical apps, it integrates support from Apple’s Reminders with calendar events. You can use Force Touch or dictation to add events and reminders. The Verge says that Fantastical also displays the words parsed before the action is completed, which the Apple apps do not do. Fantastical’s natural language engine then uses the data to automatically pull out event times and locations.

    Fantastical for Apple Watch is now included in the iPhone Fantastical app, which is available now for $4.99.

    Source: Fantastical for Apple Watch is a better calendar for your wrist The Verge

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