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    Hi all. It's been a while since I've been enjoying my iPad 2 (4.3) and I have been having such a great time with it every single day since I got it. Since a couple of weeks though I am facing a strange series of events.
    Can't seem to open up any apple website.
    I have made several purchases from the app store with no issues earlier. Had downloaded lots of free apps as well. ( like any iPad geek)
    But since about 2 weeks I haven't been able to add any apps. It says that iTunes terms and conditions have changed and that before I can proceed that I should read and accept them. (That's ok I would'nt mind doin that. ) and I tap on ok and it tries to take me to the terms and conditions on iTunes. Only to get stuck at that screen. Can't seem to open the page or move further from there.
    I tried getting to the terms and conditions directly from iTunes. It did not let me. It's not letting me open 'genius' now. On iTunes I have 3 options below, podcasts, iTunesU and downloads (was wondering if others have more options as I seem to remember having read about other options somewhere on the forum) I've checked all parameters of my 'settings'. All seems to be in order. All restrictions are off. Installing and deleting apps is allowed. With iTunes there is something called 'ping'. (within restriction settings). Anyone knows what that does? It's really been very frustrating not being able to try out new apps. Just feels like my iPad has become a quarter of the device it used to be.
    It is such an awesome device even without the JB. My 17" MacBook pro has become totally redundant.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    I am an architect from India.

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