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    I have just recently purchased my iPad and I'm very excited with all it can do. I have on frustration that doesn't make sense to me...

    I have purchased several Expense Report Apps, I really like the interface on XpenseTracker. I see that most everyone gives the top Expense Apps bright reviews. However, after I have entered the expenses on my trip, I go to create a printout to turn in to accounting.

    All this app, and it appears all the others I have checked into, will do is output a csv file. They will tout how it easily imports into Excel; but it just comes in as a list, and not a very good one. I am used to Expense plus on the palm. It has easy interface and once you have entered all the data; it sends it to the desktop and opens up Excel and a Beautiful Expense Report appears that I can save, printout, and turn in.

    I can't even find anything on something that will take in csv file and import what the app sends out.

    Why all the glowing reports? What do they all know about importing the data that I can't find. Are none of them individuals involved in business?

    Help, please.:(:(:(:confused:

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