Everyone Should do 80% of Their Work on an iPad, Says Tim Cook

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jul 18, 2014.

By RaduTyrsina on Jul 18, 2014 at 2:23 PM
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    The iPad is an amazing piece of technology and it can be used in various fields, by engineers, doctors, teachers, architects, students and many, many others. And the biggest supporter to the iPad versatility seems to be no other than Apple's CEO, Tim Cook.

    In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal publication, Apple's boss said that 80% of his work at Apple is being performed on an iPad. And to be able to manage the world's most valuable company from such a tiny piece of technology is quite an achievement. No wonder that Tim Cook suggests everybody should be doing that:

    Cook referred especially to enterprise customers and that their work could be seriously improved with the help of an iPad. Cook's affirmation came after the announcement that Apple and IBM will partner in order to create more than 100 apps for enterprise customers.

    IBM's CEO said that one of the first apps under the new initiative aims to help airline pilots determine the appropriate amount of fuel to carry on a flight.

    What's your take on what Tim Cook said about the iPad? How are you using it - mainly for consumption purposes or you also get work done on it? Sound off by leaving your reply below.

    Source: WSJ


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Jul 18, 2014.

    1. Ser Aphim
      Ser Aphim
      Its still up to us on how we should use our gadgets. But it is true that the iPad is a really good product for productivity.
    2. col.bris
      Gadget no ........productivity tool yes ... Maybe the original iPad was a gadget however since iPad 3 generation that changed. Millions use the iPad for work, education and personal enjoyment. With over 500,000 apps including thousands of business apps it is the product of choice for all.
    3. n4uau
      i find I hardly use my PC anymore. With Pages, Keynote, Notability photo apps not much need for PC. I sit in easy chair with cold glass of beer near by and do work on iPad.
    4. justcecil
      If I could use Photoshop and Painter X3 and connect a WACOM tablet to my IPad, I would toss my computer. I would purchase the necessary adaptors to make this work. Additionally, Apple should provide a USB port on their next upgrade. This would make me purchase it.

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    5. Elux72
      I'd say that my percentage of activity on the iPad is even higher; more like 90%. There is only one thing that I need a PC for that comes to mind right now, and that's editing templates and pages on my blog. However, I still enjoy drawing on my Wacom tablet, and I doubt I'd ever give it up entirely, but of course the various styluses available for the iPad could make this possible.
    6. KevinJS
      Can't imagine working without my iPad now. It has completely changed the way I do my job.
    7. skimonkey
      Let's see....I have done so much with my iPad since purchasing it in 2011.

      • I've used it to create templates for auditing purposes.
      • I've composed many reports with pages, numbers and keynote.
      • I've hooked my iPad to a projector and TV for clinical presentations.
      • I've used both iPad and iPhone to record a clients gait pattern post-injury.
      • I've used the Merck Manual, WebMD, various anatomical apps on my iPad for medical references/patient care.
      • I save my clinical journals to either iBooks or one of my many PDF apps.
      • I've used my iPad for video conferencing with folks at Dartmouth University.
      • I've used google translate to create home programs for clients that are non-English speakers. The most recent one was English to Korean.
      • I've used the yellowbrick app to track my husband on a recent Sailing Race in Michigan.
      And finally, just this morning I had my iPad propped on the window ledge so I could read my macaroni and cheese recipe which I saved on Evernote.

      So....I am also part of that productivity club using my iPad daily! :)
    8. KevinJS
      You missed a bit, @skimonkey. A bit that Tim Cook might one day acknowledge. 3 years of invaluable assistance to iPad and iPhone users all over the world.
    9. s2mikey
      It really depends on the kind of work you do. It does seem crazy that Cook can run a company from an iPad and yet some of us regular folks still can't do certain things with the iPad. For heavy document editing or creation it still works out better with a regular keyboard and pointing device. Feature laden spreadsheets are also easier to work with using a laptop or whatever. Networking and server setups are better managed through traditional devices too.

      That being said, I probably do use my iPad for 80% of the stuff I do. So there. :)

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