Encourage work : "Achim" Pad produced by North Korea

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    Source of document : from Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)

    calendar >>July 25. 2012 Juch 101

    PAD "Achim" Popular among Students

    Pyongyang, July 25 (KCNA) - "Achim" (morning), a PAD for education manufactured by the Electronics Development Company in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is enjoying popularity among local students.

    The seven-inch PAD weighs 300 grams. Its control system and applications programs can be displayed in any of Korean, English, Chinese and Russian languages. It operates more than five hours, once charged.

    Users can get teaching materials, references, dictionaries and scientific data in this multi-functional PAD.

    Ri Yong Suk, a teacher at Pyongyang Secondary School No. 1, told KCNA that the PAD is helpful to improving education and developing students' intellectual faculties.




    Although nobody knows what kind of operating system is used in Achim, however, NK News is guessing that it might be "Red Star" (one alteration from Linux).

    Besides, Dong-A IIbo, the newspaper of South Korea has reported about the Samjiyon Pad last month. Samjiyon claims that it is a pad which could not connect to the internet, but can function with encyclopedia, games, E-books and maps.

    Furthermore, the North Korea defectors informed Dong-A IIbo Newspaper that almost all the IT Terms in the Samjiyon are in English.

    Source of document :
    1) PAD "Achim" Popular among Students

    2) 朝鮮媒體稱其山寨iPad是一個巨大成功
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