EE (UK) TopUp on my iPad Air 2

Discussion in 'UK iPad Forum' started by NSquirrel, Oct 6, 2015.

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    Just thought that I would post this to help others - and remind me if it happens again.

    I had used the cellular side before, but not for a few months - despite reminders popping up. A couple of days ago, needing it now, I turned it on and up came the EE info in the top left hand corner often the iPad with good signal strength. I did a 1GB top up, for £10, but at the end of the credit card transaction a message came up to say it had not been completed. I tried again, but then kept getting a message of ' ...unable to purchase a pass.'

    So I tried the local EE shop, but their only solution was to try to sell me a new sim for £15 or £30, which I did not take up - a new sim card was the wrong solution. Good thing, too. I checked my credit card this morning and £10 had been charged to it, but I still had no cellular connection.

    I phoned EE on 0800 956 6100, which was actually the business number, but they put me through to support. The first person took the iPad number; did something and asked me turn the iPad off; wait 30 secs, and then back on. Turning back on I lost all cellular signal. I was then put through to tech support and she suggested a network reset. That solved it, although I had to put my home wifi password back in. She also resolved a problem with myEE account, whereby an access code did not get sent to me. (With myEE, I should be able to top up easily in future.)

    So congrats to EE for good support.

    Btw, myEE account suggests I have 1TB , but I assume that this is an error and I will have to try hard to use all of the 1GB in 30 days as it is just a fallback.
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    Adventures in Support Land. I'm sure we could write an entire series. :)

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