Eddie Cue Says New Steve Jobs Film is “Inaccurate” and “Mean-Spirited”

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 17, 2015.

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    Steve Jobs The Man in the Machine Movie is inaccurate and mean spirited.JPG
    It sounds like the latest movie about Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs does not show the former Apple CEO in a particularly good light.

    Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine premiered this past weekend at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and now the first reviews are in.

    The Guardian says that the film portrays Steve Jobs as “a man with dazzling talent and monomaniacal focus, but utterly lacking in empathy.”

    Apparently the movie’s director, Alex Gibney, features several incidents that show Jobs in a poor light, with the Guardian referring to how the movie shows Jobs ending Apple’s philanthropic programmes, overseeing corporate tax evasion, among other things, as well as initially refusing to pay towards his first daughter’s upkeep.

    Some very strong charges there against a man who is no longer around to defend himself, and doubtless upsetting for his friends and family to see on the big screen.

    Already, Jobs’ friends and colleagues are speaking up to defend him and attack the film, with Apple senior executive Eddy Cue tweeting that he was “Very disappointed” in the movie, adding, “An inaccurate and mean-spirited view of my friend. It’s not a reflection of the Steve I knew.”

    Cue also said that the forthcoming book, Becoming Steve Jobs, is a much more accurate portrayal of the man, hailing it as “well done and first to get it right.”

    Source: Steve Jobs The Man in the Machine Film Debuts at SXSW Eddy Cue Calls It Inaccurate and Mean-Spirited - Mac Rumors
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    Well, I hate to say it but Jobs was probably NOT always the nicest guy in the world. In order to be so successful, you do need to be a eh hem jerk sometimes and maybe NOT care about others as much as some people think you should. Nice guys finish last, as the saying goes.

    He's only human and everyone has character flaws or whatever. He was a terrific thinker and somewhat of a genius. However, it's fairly well known that he also had a dark side. Nothing wrong with a film portraying that. It's accurate, IMO.

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