Ebay Listing Shows iPad Prototype With Landscape Dock Connector

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, May 28, 2012.

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    MacRumors reports today on a new listing that has just appeared on Ebay that appears to be showing a prototype 16 GB original iPad with two dock connectors, one of which is in portrait mode, the usual mode to be found on all generations of the iPad, the other of which is in landscape mode. MacRumors says that the prototype is in “nearly functional†condition, although possibly requiring some repairs to the touch sensor. And while MacRumors says that yes, this could indeed be nothing more than a clever fake, they say that the detailed photographic evidence provided by the photos featured in the listing would seem to indicate that it is in fact genuine, right down to the fact that several of the components have part numbers clearly showing, and copyright dates that predate original iPad components. MacRumors says that the prototype is even running Apple’s SwitchBoard diagnostics. If you fancy buying it, it’s currently got one bid for $4,800.00!

    Source: Prototype Original iPad with Dual Dock Connectors Surfaces - Mac Rumors

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