Earth Dog Returns To Save The Environment

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    “The Earth Dog Storyâ€
    By Earth Dog Inc.

    As seen on NBC:
    “The Earth Dog Story†was first published in 1992, then in 1996 in cooperation with DOE as apart of their Environmental Out Reach Program with Weekly Reader.

    Co-Sponsors included:

    • MSNBC
    • DOE
    • Weekly Reeder
    • Sony
    • NASA
    • Yahoo & Yahoo Kids
    • Discovery Channel - Online
    • WebTV
    • PSINet
    • Newspaper Association of America

    Earth Dog educates young people around the world about environmental issues effecting our planet. He teaches problem solving skills through understanding and cooperation. The environment is the #1 concern amongst students in the classroom today.

    “The Earth Dog Storyâ€
    Every kid wants a dog, and they’ll love Earth Dog! This is the story of how a junk yard dog once content with just chasing cats and eating out of trash cans had an experience that changed his life forever. From a pup with no direction to an Environmental Superhero.
    Earth Dog’s future Adventures & Contest make math, science and reading fun for kids of all ages as they join his adventures to save the Earth, by finding creative solutions to pressing environmental problems. Kids can even submit their own ideas which may be selected for use in future Earth Dog episodes.
    New features available in this Earth Dog Book include professional narration, and digital artwork for each scene. By combining the original text and artwork of Earth Dog with features that entertain and promote reading, this Earth Dog Book appeals to readers of all ages.

    Two ways to read this Earth Dog® Book
    •★ "Read it Myself" — read the book in its traditional form
    •★ "Read to Me" — plays like a movie, automatically reading and turning pages.
    • Professional audio narration - Great for younger children!
    Additional Features:
    •★ Picture / Word association — words zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched
    •★ Professional audio narration
    •★ Pages pan & zoom to accentuate the beautiful, original art ( IPod Version)

    Earth Dog also had Press coverage in the following:
    NBC, MSNBC, BBC Online, Time For Kids, “The Internet For Your Kidsâ€, Dallas Child Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, Washington Council Letter, Target The Family – in Target Stores & 704 Newspapers- reaching 29,195,936 readers
    Earth Dog - Environmentally Loyal !
    Official Earth Dog® iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch App.
    Earth Dog Inc. &“The Earth Dog Story†© 1992 Earth Dog® All rights reserved.
    Earth Dog® and the Earth Dog logo are registered trademarks of Earth Dog, Inc.

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