Dropbox apps and syncing between iphone and ipad

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    HI everyone just got my iPad and now want to sync everything between devices without using a computer.

    I have opened a dropbox account and synced the following data with apps that use dropbox :

    Contacts through "contacts backup" in app store

    IFile for personal files (has a dropbox integration)

    Data Deposit (from Cydia) awesome app I used it to sync all major app data from iPhone apps such as whatsapp and beejive. It works only for restoring data to iPad apps that are install+ (iPhone and iPad compatible) separate iPad apps like beehive required a manual sync using file and searching round the accounts files.

    What I cannot find an app for is:

    A way to sync mail accounts

    A way to sync Cydia apps and repos

    A way to sync photos

    Anyone know a way?
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    Dec 30, 2010
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    1. Gmail?
    2. Sync cydia & repo's to? Pkgbackup from cydia will save repos, installed tweaks, cydia apps, and if desired app store apps and photos as 1 large file and then you can upload to dropbox & also along with your shsh blobs.
    3. Some 3rd party photo apps can wirelessly sync photos but they are only sync'd within the app itself. Perhaps dropbox could also be used as method as well.
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