Dr. Dre Made $620M This Year, Becomes the Highest Paid Musician in a Single Year in History

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    Dr.Dre and Jimmy Iovine weren't exactly poor before the Apple buyout, but now they have really become rich. According to recent story from Forbes publication, Dr. Dre has made an estimated $620 million before taxes this year, making him the top earning musician of 2014 and also the highest paid musician in a single year in history.

    As a matter of fact, the top ten musician earners brought in $1.4 billion in pretax earnings last year, with nearly half of that from Dr. Dre alone.

    Thus, with this huge eanrigns, Dr. Dre’s payday gives him the widest margin in history between the first and second spots on our top-earning musicians list. There's more than half a billion dollars that separate him from the No. 2 earner, Beyoncé, who pulled in $115 million.

    Of course, the money that Dr.Dre made was more on his entrepreneurial side than the musician one, but what matters is what he has managed to achieve.

    Source: Forbes
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