downsides of wireless charger like overheating has been detected!!

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by mairaliang13, Dec 30, 2013.

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    Hello, everyone,

    I am hunting for Qi-enabled wireless charger for my ipad mini and found a pleasant one on a website Moderator Edit: No external links, please read forum rules, However, i am curious whether ss it worth the expense at all.with done a bit of googling, it is reported by most wireless charger users that the overheating issue occur with a bit of heavy use. Can such excessive heat do permanent damage to the phone? Some reviews online has pointed out that It took about 10 minutes before the phone was cool enough to power on after using the wireless charger. Is it the truth?? Anyone has suffered from this issue? On the other hand, some other downsides like slower charging also has beed detected!!! I am frustrated that why so many people consider it awesome. Such stratospheric prices(about 200dollars) for a wireless charger with low perfomance.....
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    Wireless charging will never be as fast as a wired charger and by its very nature you don't want it to be because to charger fast it has to emit a lot of energy out in to the surrounding space....why people want it is, IMO, because it is something new...I much perfer a charger that has a magnetic connector that grabs the charging spot and hangs on (like the one on the Nexus 10). The wireless ones seem to take up quite a bit of space, too. I think you can safely avoid this as it is not a true benefit and the risks don't seem worth it to me.

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