Don’t Expect Any Apple Device to Have an OLED Screen for At Least Three Years or More

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    If you’re someone who’s been hoping to see an OLED display on an iPhone or iPad sooner rather than later, then you might have to wait a very long time according to a story on 9to5 Mac today, which references a couple of relevant news reports on the matter, in particular one from the Korea Times that says that it does not think that Apple will be looking to use OLED technology for “three or four more yearsâ€, according to a top executive from one of Apple’s suppliers. The Korea Times says that Apple is currently reluctant to switch from its current preference for LCD displays to OLED, mainly due to concerns around higher costs, as well as “technology-related issuesâ€. The story in the Korea Times has also served to debunk another recent rumour from Smarthouse, which said that Apple was looking to get LG to supply OLED displays for a 55-inch Apple TV. Apparently that’s even less likely in the short term than an OLED iPad or iPhone, as large-screen OLEDs are said to have problems with screen burn-ins and short life span, according to 9to5 Mac. For now, Apple is sticking with its tried and tested LCD technology.

    Source: No OLED Apple devices until “three or four more yearsâ€, market sources warn | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

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