Does the Apple TV allow 1080p mirroring?

Discussion in 'Apple TV' started by budmonster, Nov 14, 2013.

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    I bought a Lightning adapter and an Apple TV with my iPaid Air purchase. I saw that Lightning adapter does output 1080p picture from the iPad Air to the HDTV. I attached the Lightning adapter to the Air, attach the HDMI cord and I'm done. I then open up an app on my iPad called AirVideo HD to play all my movies(mkv, etc.) from my PC.

    I also tried the Apple TV, used the AirVideo app but no need for those damn wires. However, I keep reading that it only plays 1080p movies, say if you download one from iTunes. I only really bought the Apple TV for the Airplay/Mirroring feature so I was wondering if the Airplay mirroring function outputs 1080p to my HDTV? That's what I bought it for. I need to take one of these items back.

    And I'm guessing that if mirroring doesn't support 1080p output that then I will need to convert my videos to m4v and add them to iTunes so I can play them on Apple TV, that would be the only way to get 1080p?


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