Do You Have Apple on the Brain?!

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, May 17, 2011.

By Maura on May 17, 2011 at 4:57 PM
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    Great story on TUAW about a documentary that was just shown on BBC 3 tonight in the UK called Secrets of the Superbrands, which looks at the role that brands play in all our lives. The show’s creator, Alex Riley, has been talking about one particular part of the show where the Bishop of Buckingham, who likes to read the Bible on his iPad, said that Apple was similar to a religion. The programme investigated this aspect of Apple fandom by having some neuroscientists study an Apple fan’s brain by scanning it with an MRI. The results of the brain scan indicated that Apple was stimulating the same areas of the brain that are stimulated by religious symbols in religious people. A good way to hype up the whole "Apple-as-a-religion" point of view, but as TUAW points out, surely the brain would have the same reaction looking at anything that interests the person who’s brain is being scanned? The programme is certainly worth watching as Riley spends a lot of time trying to understand the Apple phenomenon, including featuring the opening of the biggest Apple store in the world to date in London's Covent Garden. If you missed the programme, it’s got top billing on the BBC iPlayer at the moment for those in the UK who can watch it, but it seems to be crashing the iPlayer app at the moment with so many iPad owners trying to watch, maybe, so possibly wait until tomorrow to check it out.

    Source: TUAW BBC: Loving Apple looks like a religion to an MRI scan


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, May 17, 2011.

    1. I_luv_Apple
      I watched it after you recommended it! Brilliant documentary! Now I fully understand why I buy every apple product released 
    2. cjoy
      Well I became an apple convert when I purchased my ipod 4g last year and now I have added my new ipad 2. Everyday is a new day because there is always something interesting going on with new apps and more ways to enjoy my apple products. Yes, I am an apple fangirl and am proud of it.:)
    3. h1611161
      I wonder when I would to see this documentary. However if anyone finds a link to a web video, please be kind enough to post it here. I always sat on the fence not wanting to jump and join the MAC bandwagon. Now that we (my daughter and myself) started with a teeny weeny iPod, followed it by 2 iPads, and now she went and got herself a MBP-13, I can see the reasoning in the article above. I want to venture into a MBA (not the business management variant) one day...

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    4. Kaykaykay
      I like my iOS mobile devices for now, but I'm not wedded to Apple. If something better comes along from competitors, great. I guess being an atheist gives me some sort brand immunity.
    5. h1611161
      I agree with your thought process.... and would like to subscribe to be a techno atheist. However the problem is that the competitors will time and again disappoint us by serving us half baked cookies, sort of forcing us to vote for Apple time and again

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    6. Harley man
      Harley man
      my ipad2 is my first apple device and I like it very much. But if some one else has some thing I like and its made well then I am getting it .

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    7. Kaykaykay
      I'll leave it up to competitors to worry about beating Apple. I'm not going to sweat that, especially when iPad already works pretty well for me.

      IMO, the problem is that other tablet makers so far haven't been able to deliver the whole package -- hardware as well as software. If rumors prove true, I think an Amazon Android tablet might offer iPad more competition than anything else so far, because Amazon has an ecosystem it can leverage and grow. Anyway, we'll see.
    8. h1611161
      I'm gonna be a doubting Thomas until I see it in flesh n blood, until then the iPad Classic shall be my only friend........

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    9. Kaykaykay
      Of course. There's no point believing unless Amazon or any other competitor delivers a better product. It's not necessary to decide ahead of reality, or to ditch an iPad meanwhile.

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