Disconnect internet. Import ebooks.

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    Hi there members,
    I am going to be greedy and ask 2 newby questions. I am not computer

    savy. Bought a new ipad 4, 64g, cellular today for my elderly parents.

    I have opened the box, inserted and activated sim, added a couple of apps

    and will post south tommorrow. Before it goes I would like to import some

    ebooks from an external hard drive I have. They are epub and pdf. I have

    added the ibook and kindle apps to the ipad. Q1 will I have issues ?

    Q2. The ipad seems to remain connected to internet after I use the

    home button. I know I can disconnect from “ settings " is there

    another way ? Thanks for any help. Ipad newby, john.

    P.S. it is a miracle I have got this far.
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