Director DJ Caruso Says the iPad Played an Integral Part in the Making of his Latest

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    [​IMG] has an absolutely fascinating report today about an interview at the Apple store in Soho, NYC, with I Am Number Four (out in theatres this week) director DJ Caruso. Caruso told about the integral part played by the iPad in the making of the film.

    Caruso went on to say how the iPad helped with the creation of one of the key aspects of the film. When Alex Pettyfer’s character, John Smith, is shown on screen using his alien power to control light with his hands, the effect was created by a light rig set up in the actor's jacket, and activated by an iPad off screen.

    Caruso also said that many of the actors in the film, such as Glee’s Dianna Agron, and Callan McAuliffe, also got iPads (this was back in July 2010, not too long after the iPad’s release) to use in their down time between takes. He reveals that Steven Spielberg also has one, and the two were trading app recommendations back and forth!

    Source: - Exclusive: 'I Am Number Four' Director DJ Caruso Talks About Movie Making With iPads

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