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    Hello. I'm new here but can someone help me.

    I'm trying to fix my mother's ipad3 [the new iPad] Wifi + GSM 64GB running 6.1.3.

    It's been going crazy these past few months.

    Ghost, phantom touches [texting and moving screen on its own] while using it normally [no games or heavy use, browsing or texting], at the same time it loses wifi connection.
    The lower left seems to be overheating when this happens.

    Tried hard reset, reset from settings, Factory mode reset, DFU restore, battery draining and charging from 0 to 100.
    I guess everything that has been said as a fix for the new iPads issues.
    But nothing is working at all.
    No cases attached, no films on screen, apple connector chords and charger that came with the box and also tried swapping with my iPad charger.

    It's out of warranty and Apple's fix costs $200 and I ain't planning on paying for that.

    I've opened up my iphone a couple of times and have fixed many issues related to hardware damage.
    If this is a hardware issue I'm ready to fix.

    But this iPad is just totally clean. No damages from out side. Never sunk in water or dropped or thrown.

    anyone having same symptoms or had fixed this problem? is this a problem with the digitizer although theres still wifi issues.

    I'm totally hopeless at the moment and want some advice.


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