did i mess up?

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    i have verizon unlimited text, etc. grandfathered in. (iPhone with 3G). we have Fios/internet at house. we have a lake house with no internet, but good verizon reception. i just bought a myfi on a monthly plan and kept my unlimited. my thinking was i could take it to the lake, and maybe utilize my macbook air more than at home, sort of replacing the "need" or want, for an iPad (sometimes the phone is too small).

    i have 14 day trial period. i am leary of giving up unlimited verizon (at least until i have to replace my phone in another year or two), but if it is the best thing .... most of my usage is email, some office processing, (hence the lap top), some pictures and web searches. i have an iPod for music and i don't really do videos.

    what do i do?

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